Facilitating and accelerating ideational workshops with teams and projects will lead you to a broader overview of Your possibilities – and from there narrow down to specific plans and by that Secure that the result will be more accurate, stronger as well as implemented and “felt” by the team.

They will own the process and they will excel in GREAT team work and creative ideation.

We coach within individual/personal, career, strategy, business strategy, sales coaching & training and leadership & strategy coaching and sparring. We work with goal setting and mind mapping, vision boards and strategy.

Mental training is another tool in our tool box, we use mental training if your process involves sales, leadership, communication, personal efficiency or stress.

Through coaching we will help you reach your goals and full potential – business or personal.

Our Sales & Leadership Coaching & Training has been our primary focus over the last 15 years, and we can combine it in seminars/workshops, day to day training, development processes and our maximised concept with seminars in the desert. We recommend to take in DiSC as a tool in the development – both of your team, sales people and leaders.

Let us assist you in building and developing your team, organisation and individuals to High Performers with a key company culture.

Are you interested in hearing why you should reach your goal and potential with us as partner, please contact us, for a non-committal talk or session.

Our coaches is certified coaches, we have an international executive coach, a life coach and an NLP certified Coach among our partners. Furthermore we are certified within DiSC personal, leadership and team analysis.

We often use DiSC as one of the tools in our development and ideation processes – along with practically and real cases, issues and challenges from your teams every day life. We try to stear out of textbook examples, and instead use yours and your teams cases, for two reasons. One is that is makes better sense to them, they can “feel” the case and therefor it will be better incorporated with them – also after the workshop. The second reason is, we are working anyway, so why not start solving everyday cases right away 🙂

The combination of setting the right team, with every individual on its best position and open up the doors for sparring, ideation and creative thinking – that is how you create a high performance team, that will keep evolving and improving on its own, also the monday after the workshop/seminar.

Our seminars and workshop setup works right from half day seminars/workshops and up to processes with monthly workshops (online/physical). We tailor the solution that fits you and your team the best, compared to the goals you want to reach.

We value highly skilled personel and discretion as two of the highest values in a customer relationship.