Banking in the UAE is not the most easy task to do.

In general you can not get a debit card before you have your Residence Visa and Emirates ID, and a credit card before you have lived in UAE for 2 or 3 years (depending of if you are a sponsored employee or an investor).

The procedure for opening a bank account and the pricing varies a lot from bank to bank, and person to person. Together with our concierge team we can find you the best match, and get you in contact with the right person.

Our company setup, can now include a standard bank account (IBAN), so that you have a bank account from day one.

We have 4-5 banks that we work with, some of them has low maintenance and high deposit, and some of them the opposite.

In general we can make bank introductions in the following types of corporate banking:
– Low maintenance account
– Low deposit account
– None residencial account

We can assist with the banking, as an add on to our services. This is through our dedicated banking team.