Through dedicated and focused cooperation and constantly “pressure testing”, development and coaching on you new business ideas and project plans, you secure the optimal success for yourself and for your business.

GROWU.AE is your professional partner, that it your “in house” external business coach and advisor, offsite or onsite depending on the needs and cases. Team development and disruptional workshops is key elements in our process.The process, and the form of cooperation is unique from case to case, but an example of a cooperation, could be:

  • Startup workshop, 3 hours
  • 3 sessions on feedback and development within first 2 weeks
  • Workshop, 3 hours – week 3
  • 2 coaching sessions/week – week 4-7
  • Workshop, 3 hours – week 8
  • AED: 15.995,- +tax
  • After that, the project could change to weekly skype/coaching sessions, depending on the needs of you and your projects.