Social Media & Selling Excellence

All the tools you get home from this process can be directly implemented in your everyday life, which we are already starting on the course
  • Gain a sound knowledge on growing the brand via social media
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls in social media marketing
  • Gaining a competitive advantage in social media over competition
  • Understanding both strategic planning & operational aspects of social media marketing & branding
  • Being prepared to study big data related to social media
  • Learning interaction & engagement strategies
  • Preparing to handle a PR disaster
  • Correct pricing
  • The successful client meeting
  • Mirroring
  • Customer Management
  • Create ambassadors
  • Story cases
  • Negotiation Technics

Note – The price of the course is AED 1995,- per day per participant. The course has a duration of 5 days and is with a minimum of 5 participants.

Disruptional, Strategic & Organizational Growth