Terms, Conditions & Prices

Outside any special deals or packages, our price is AED1,600.-/hour. Min. billing is 1 hour.
Virtual meetings and phone meetings are applicable to a 25% discount.
In terms of e-mails and texts etc, is normal hour rate. 1 text/e-mail will be billed min 1 hour – if other texts etc. is replied within that time, they are on the same hour. Tasks performed based on a question, task etc. from a mail og text will be charged separately. Whatsapp deal apply.
All prices are plus VAT, external fees/expenses, transportation/accomodation etc.
Hourly fee outside office hours: +50%
Payment terms is 5 days. Termination of contract, if nothing else is agreed upon, is 90 days to end of a contract period.
GROWU LLC is allowed to use the customers logo and name for future reference and marketing.
Ambassador/kick-back agreements can only be initiated if an active and existing customer agrees on the terms, eg. referral and positive ambassador ratings on Facebook, Google and Trustpilot – and secures good leads and customers to the company.
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