My name is Sarah Ghafourian, but I go by the name ‘Fourian’

Having a background in Web Application Development and marketing, it naturally came to me that I had to work intensely with Social Media Marketing and the Algorithms behind it.

I run the business Fouriandk – a Results-driven digital marketing company, with a hawk-eye fixed on Social Media Marketing (SMM), Organic Social, Community Building, Content Marketing and Brand Reputation Management (BRM).

Besides Fouriandk i facilitate and teach at seminars and workshops for GROWU.AE in Dubai.

I found that a lot of businesses, both small and big, lack the understanding of what actually goes on, online. That’s why all my programmes and doing, comes with educating.

We are known for our tailored programmes and strategies, which we create from the bottom – to every client and every brand.

We are detail orientated and and our expertise lies in spotting which online marketing techniques are working – and which are not.

In both Fourian and GROWU.AE we have powers and knowledge all the way down to the algorithm organically, to Community Building.

Combining the above listed-always-included, with our focus on making strategies that ‘sells without selling’ or direct sales, we are able to not only execute some precise strategies, but also be able to teach the company about their audience and how they feel and think.

– I believe that knowledge is key, and that’s exactly what I do in my position. I also educate every business, in understanding their digital business.

I work with a lot of different platforms, but the top 5 include:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

I have a stable and disruptive team, with whom we help a lot of businesses with their Digital Business.
I work closely with web developers who not only create beautiful web pages and webshops, but who also work at a high level with conversion optimization.

Since I also work a lot with Content Marketing, I have a team of photographers & videographers at hand.

Creating results in the way that I am a “copilot” on your path to stronger results, achieving your full potential and fulfilling the dreams that are right for you. My primary tool is creative thinking and disruption – to view a project or a challenge objectively and questioningly.

I am responsible for our Social Selling seminar and workshops at GROWU.