EFCS is our tailored 1:1 solution for individual coaching, development and sparring for leaders, managers and business owners/entrepreneurs, that needs a personal strategic advisor/VA “in the pocket” on daily basis – both for growth/development, coaching and sparring on daily and strategic tasks, challenges and opportunities.

The solution can be accessed in either a short period of time if that is needed (15 days), or in a longer terms as an ongoing development and growth.

We combine physical meeting/sessions with virtual/remote dialogue – over computer, mail or phone/txt. Consulting and coaching is either in english or in danish.

Our standard rates are as followed:

  • Admin & startup fee: USD 1.380,-
  • 15 days virtual flex: USD 2.500,- pr. person (incl. 1/2 physical day)
  • 30 days virtual flex: USD 4.500,- pr. person (incl. 1 physical day)
  • 90 days virtual flex: USD 13.000,- pr. person (incl. 4 physical days)



T&C for EFCS

Payment within 5 days after booking, via bank transfer or online payment. (Fees may apply from bank)

Cancellation within 5 days of booking:
More than 30days before first Delivery Day: 50% of Startup fee as well as 90% of flex amount
More than 15dg. Before first Delivery Day: 80% of flex amount

Cancellation within 20 days of booking:
More than 30dg. Before first Delivery Day: 90% of flex amount
More than 15dg. Before first Delivery Day: 70% of flex amount

Cancellations is sent, with order confirmation attached to cancellations@growu.ae, including with IBAN, SWIFT and account information or e-wallet for refund. Credit note will be sent as reply to the cancellation mail and the amount is transferred.