Facilitating & Ideation

Since 2004 our consultants have been in mental training, facilitating and motivation of teams and individuals. We have almost 20 years of experience in sales and leadership development/training and consulting, and in training and development within communication, customer service and high performance teams / time efficiency.

Today our primary tool and approach is “mindfull focus”, not as a “circuit therapy” but as a mental tool for boosting a process.

Did you know that the average person in more than 47% of the time at work is on auto pilot and in “mindless mode”? – Imagine what could happen if we changed that number to 25%. Would the person be less happy? most probably not – would the person create better results? most probably yes!


We are strong facilitators and medium for accelerating processes and anchoring of tools and habits. With our background in training and working with mental tools within communication, motivation, sales and leadership – we have the platform for boosting any individual and team process. We often combine our models and tools with a DiSC profile assessment on both team and individual level – to use the potential and culture that already exists in the team. What is Ideation?

We take what what already exists – and make it better.

So are you looking for…

  • Sales boost or sales training
  • Leadership training, sparring or train the trainer concepts
  • Time efficiency or High performance teams

or are you looking for ideation processes, workshops or sessions within strategy, marketing plans, customer/market platforms, better teamwork or something else, then contact us – and we will match you with the right consultant.

We can recommend to start up with a half day session/workshop as a “team event” to open up for the process, or to “rip” the team out of its normal cubicles and daily environment – and take a couple of days in creative and inspiring views.

We have partnerships with “alternative settings” for seminars in eg Denmark and Dubai – it could be in a luxury car garage/showroom, on a beach, in a desert, on a boat or in a mindful retreat. Changing the physical framework and environment is shown to boost inspiration, creativity as well as anchoring of new habits and tools.